RVE is an independent private investor with a focus on value-add property. It is a young company with an impressive track record, built up through the acquisition of homes, business premises, offices and immovable property in specific market segments such as redevelopment and land, both single assets and portfolios.

With a quantitative focus, we specialise in value-add property and we established our name in a market that offered scope for innovative ideas and moving boundaries. Our acquisition processes have always been based on study results, a policy which so far, has always led to the best end result and revenue maximisation, distinguishing us from other parties at the same time.

RVE was set up in September 2014 and the young founders attach a lot of value to digital technology. Combined with the unlimited enthusiasm of our people and the sustainable character with which the company is operated, this forms RVE’s DNA.

Every day, we commit ourselves to compare to the larger investors in our sector. We have always used a strategy that seeks to increase invested assets. During the few past years, the company has initiated a considerable growth process that continues exponentially to this day. We are currently active throughout the Randstad conurbation.